How are you helping yourself to lead into 2021?

In talking to leaders and senior managers recently, many are working through as much, if not more, turbulence and ambiguity than ever before. Added to the challenges of keeping businesses functioning, moving in the right direction and fit for the future, are the personal challenges many people face; staying positive, motivated and keeping focussed to make the best possible decisions.

This is harder than ever. Virtual leadership capability is now required to manage employees that are working remotely, it may also mean creating a virtual organisational climate and work culture to help teams and individuals function positively. Leaders need to be in the best place themselves to support their employees and enable them to stay optimistic, clear and focussed.

I believe that taking time to reflect upon the impact of our leadership traits, behaviours and decisions on our employees is an important exercise. What communication channels and style are you using to engage, galvanise and inspire your organisation? How do you want to come across as a leader? Authentic? Transparent? Confident? Are you demonstrating what you want from your staff by the way you act and communicate?

Arguably the most important competency of all during these times is empathy; are you really listening to your employees? How much do you really understand about how they feel and how your decisions will impact them and the business as a whole?

Lots has been written about ‘how to work’ during and after the pandemic and what the ‘new normal’ might look like. Different views may provide useful food for thought, but a future plan that will be achievable and work best will be one that you are invested in and create yourself, by evaluating each aspect of it and taking time to properly consider its implications.

Its critical for leaders to have a safe space where they can think through their challenges and take time to reflect. A space to sound out new strategies and plans, a space to decide on the best way to lead their business out of the turbulence of 2020 and how to approach and move forward into 2021.

Will going back to how you used to do things with a few necessary adjustments be enough in the future? If you’re not doing it already, now is the time to plan for making changes. An external thought partner can be a useful resource and part of the solution to achieving your desired outcome.

If you are currently trying to work through certain issues, you will have the answers, even if it might not be clear right now, especially as you may be wrestling with a number of atypical challenges at the same time. That’s why I’m supporting people to help them chart their way through the current choppy waters and get ready to spring forward into 2021. If that sounds helpful, let’s talk

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