Coaching is a critical tool in times of change, when the familiar is not so familiar anymore and when you want, or need, things to be different in the future.

I work with people who want to get clarity, plan, make adjustments, gain confidence and fly higher. When I work with coaching clients we jointly focus on what you want to achieve, what really matters and how to make the most of the opportunity change brings.

I act as a thought partner and will help you carve out the time and space to reflect, identify and address the issues you want to work through. We’ll create an environment for reflection, thinking and planning of how you want the future to look. Together we will focus on what really matters and help you get there.

Typically, I work with clients to help them focus on ‘what’s next?’

  • Whether you are running a business, working in a key role for a company or just want to make changes for yourself; what’s your next challenge or aspiration?
  • How will you get control and focus on achieving what you want to?
  • How will you identify, own and overcome any issues?
  • How will you adapt and be more effective?


My approach to each programme is unique; as are the situations in which I work. It will be a pragmatic approach based upon your situation. I am an Associate Certified Coach with the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and have successfully completed the ICF accredited Transformational Coaching Diploma from Animas Coaching School.

I don’t impose models, theory or techniques that won’t give you what you need to be confident and equipped to make the changes you want to. My approach is about creating a partnership to support you through your process of purposeful and sustainable development and growth.

My coaching style is approachable and authentic, so we can build an effective trusting partnership as we work together through your programme and on the issues you want to bring to the table.

I’ll also challenge you by asking lots of questions, even the tough ones, to get to the heart of the matter. I promote a transparent, open and honest dialogue so we can have real conversations, inspire your belief and create solutions that you are invested in.